There's No Time ...

Too many things to do, not enough time?

Too many responsibilities, too many hats, no help from anyone?

This breakthrough system takes you beyond time management to time creation so you can make all the time you need!

How Can Anyone Create Time?

Technically, no one can. But this system helps you create available time by completing tasks earlier than expected. No one manages time either - we only manage activities within available time. By completing tasks ahead of schedule, this system makes more time available. Almost everyone would agree that time is the most important resource in the world. How well you succeed depends on what you're able to achieve with the time that you have. And having more time will give you that edge over your competitors.

Just as we don't really "manage" time but only manage activities within available time, we can create available time by freeing up bubbles of time trapped within activities. This is done using techniques and tactics that smooth out the way we carry out our tasks.

Imagine being able do everything you need to do to succeed. Imagine, also, that while you do that, you still find time for relaxation and to be able to spend quality time with loved ones. What will this mean to you?

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How is this different from other time management systems?

The system starts with standard time management concepts and adds methods for speeding up tasks without loss of quality. This includes ideas from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the wonderful technique that has made great advances in sports performance and achievements. I have used NLP to create many quick techniques that give small gains, but when they are all put together, the whole is larger than the sum of individual parts. The objective of each technique is to slightly increase available time. Each technique, for example, may give 2% to 5% increase in available time, but with about 60 techniques put together, the total system can give up to 1000% increase in available time!

Bank Your Time builds on the platform of traditional time management with a set of tips, tricks, techniques and tactics to exploit situations and optimize the manner in which we perform each activity. These methods uses the whole brain - left (analytic) hemisphere, right (artistic) hemisphere, cerebellum (motor memory) - and all levels of consciousness - conscious, unconscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious - to blaze through tasks.

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How To Learn When You Don't Have the TIME to Learn a New Skill!

How can you learn time management when you don't have the time for learning?

I have created a simple coaching program that layers new knowledge on a framework of existing concepts so that you can learn quickly and remember for a longer time. It is called Incremental Competency Advancement System, a breakthrough in coaching and learning.

In this system, a training module lasts only 15 minutes. In even the first module, you will learn enough to be able to create 15 minutes of spare time. If you can spare the first 15 minutes, you can generate all the additional time you will need to complete the program. As you can see, the course pays for itself in no time.

When you are running from task to task, from meeting to meeting, from deadline to deadline, and living minute to minute, where is the time even breathe, eat or sleep, or learn a new skill?

I totally understand. That is why I have made it very easy for you to learn.

I have created a new way of learning that I call "Incremental Competency Advancement System" (ICAS). This new method will help you learn anything - not just my advanced time management system - in a very short time. It is highly customized for every individual. It is built around an individual's existing knowledge, learning mode, experience and temperament. After understanding the individual's current position, I build a custom learning program and layer new knowledge with anchors into old knowledge. This way, the new concepts can be learned very quickly and can remain in memory for a very long time. If you get nothing else out of my coaching program, this new way of learning is yours as a bonus for signing up to learn the new advanced time management system.

The main point of this learning method is that each lesson is only 12 minutes long. I can help you create the first 12 minutes - you can use either of the suggestions I already mentioned - react less and respond more, and reduce the attention to detail to the minimum level needed - and create more than 12 minutes even in 1 day. After that, with each new concept, you will be able to create more time and spare some of that time for my coaching sessions. This course pays for itself very soon. How would you like to create an hour or two every day?

Are you ready to Bank Your Time?

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